Advertise in the Beacon Newsletter and get a FREE online ad with a link to your web site!
Ad Size
Ad Size
Business Card
(Approximately 1/8 page -3.5” W by 2” H Horizontal Layout) Note: Size may vary depending on space but will always be at least business card size.
1/2 page
7” W x 4.375” H Horizontal Layout
1/4 page
(3.375” wide by 4.375 High Vertical Layout)
Full page
7” W x 9.5” H Vertical layout
There will be a $10.00 setup fee for each new ad. Major changes to your ad require a $5.00 fee.
Newsletter and web site rates are for provided art work. Ads should be created at 300 dpi or better and saved as a jpg file. If you need help with design and layout, LHQG can help for an additional fee. Contact us for rates.