Quilt Record Keeping-

It's very important that you keep accurate, complete records of all the quilts that you make. This information will be helpful if your quilt is stolen or if you enter it in a quilt show that requires you to provide some of this information. It will also provide a record for your family in the future.

Don’t wait until your quilt is finished before you start this form! Start it when you start your quilt—you never know when your quilt will be finished. It may be years before it’s completed and some of the information may be lost.

Click here to download the .pdf LHQG Quilt Record Form

Fabric Record Keeping

Have you ever needed more of a certain fabric to complete a quilt but can't remember where you bought it or who the manufacturer is? Some fabrics have that information on the selvage but others (like Batiks) do not. Keeping a record of your purchases will help you if you need to locate more fabric. Ask the salesclerk to write down the information on your receipt when you purchase your fabric or record it yourself on one of these handy cards. There are 4 cards on the page. Print the sheet on card stock and cut along the dotted lines. Keep a few of these cards in your purse, add a fabric swatch when you get home then put it in your fabric card file.

Click here to download the .pdf LHQG Fabric Record Cards.

You can search for fabric on the web by going to www.quiltshops.com.